Dustin Shrader

Dustin Schrader has a proven track record of fast responsiveness, outstanding service and extreme calm under pressure. Working in emergency medical services for 15 years, he learned how to think quickly in demanding environments, and guide people through stressful situations with attentive support and confidence. His real estate clients have the same level of appreciation for Dustin’s honesty, integrity and humble personality. "I am a helper by nature. Whether it involves someone’s health or home, I am always fully committed to facilitating the very best outcome. Dustin takes the time to explain the intricacies of the real estate market in a manner his clients understand and once he identifies their needs and wishes, he devotes extensive time to researching and presenting the best options for their needs. Dustin is a resident of the Upper East Side in Manhattan and has working in the high paced New York City real estate market for several years. More recently Dustin has expanded his business to New Jersey working with the Garabedian Realty Group, with offices in both North Jersey and South Jersey. Originally from Barnegat New Jersey, Dustin holds a Criminal Justice degree from Long Island University at CW Post. Being from the beach, he is a former lifeguard as well as an avid surfer, swimmer and fly fisher. Dustin also likes camping and spending time with his family.


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